Oakhill Prison Humanities Project

Program Website: oakhillprisonhumanitiesproject.wordpress.com 

Contacts: Claire Mason, at: oakhillprisonhumanitiesproject@gmail.com

Program Description: The educational programming offered by our program is facilitated by volunteer instructors who lead discussions on a variety of academic topics (with a focus on the Humanities) at Oakhill Correctional Institution, a minimum-security men’s correctional facility located in Oregon, Wisconsin. Instructors usually volunteer to teach one course with a specific focus that meets on the same night every week, and courses typically last 8 weeks.

Degrees Offered: 

Programs Offered: Our course offerings vary depending on student interests and volunteer availability. We typically offer courses on literature and cultural studies, covering topics such as fiction reading, prose, poetry, creative writing, African-American studies, and Spanish-language Spoken word. Classes run in eight-weeks sessions throughout the year.

Unique Features: 


Correctional Facilities Served: Oakhill Prison 

Population Served: Incarcerated men between 18 and 80 years old 

Number of Students: 

Graduates to Date: 

Year Founded: 2005

Founders: Ray Hsu and Marianne Erhardt

College/University/Organization Partnerships: University of Wisconsin at Madison

Funding: The Oakhill Prison Humanities Project has been made possible by several grants and awards. From 2006-2013, the Public Humanities Exchange, a program of the UW-Madison Center for the Humanities, supported ten graduate student projects at the Oakhill Correctional Institute, facilitating the development of new programs and discussion groups, and helping the project not only sustain, but to grow

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