Trinity College Prison Education Program

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Contacts: Judy Dworin – or Sheila Fischer – 

Program Description: The Human Rights Studies Program offers two arts-related courses that look at the issues that surround incarceration and the impact that the arts can have on populations affected by it. 

This 10-week experience entitled New Beginnings culminates in a small sharing of the arts work generated by the women and the students, open to the Trinity Community, the Resettlement Program and invited guests. Many students continue participating in New Beginnings throughout their college careers and it has been a formative experience for their future studies and career choices. Each of these courses offers a rich and varied opportunity for students to investigate the critical issues that arise concerning the existing prison system through reading and discussion joined by an important blend of hands-on experience with the population being considered.

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Correctional Facilities Served: York Correctional Institution

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