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Description: “ is a resource website supporting college opportunities for currently and formerly incarcerated students in California. Visitors to the site can use an interactive map or searchable directory to find programs, explore course offerings, and access contact information for individual schools. The site also includes a directory of resources, lists of relevant news items and upcoming events, and videos showcasing the transformative power of higher education. is a product of Renewing Communities, a joint initiative of The Opportunity Institute and the Stanford Criminal Justice Center.”

Renewing Communities is a four-year initiative designed to build a network of bridges from corrections to college in California. Despite the fact that higher education reduces recidivism and builds social mobility, criminal justice and higher education in the state have long operated in silos, limiting opportunities for incarcerated students and leaving formerly incarcerated students without the resources and support they often need to succeed. Renewing Communities aims to build on-ramps back onto the path to credential and career by opening high-quality college opportunities for thousands of these potential students. This is a joint project between The Opportunity Institute and the Stanford Criminal Justice Center.”
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