Criminal Justice Legislation Defeated

Senator Jim Webb (D) of Virginia has been working for the past three years to pass legislation which would establish a bipartisan National Criminal Justice Commission.  The act would create a bipartisan commission of experts to conduct an 18-month review of the nation’s criminal justice system.  Senator Webb has stated that “Our criminal justice system is broken in many ways.  We need a national commission to look at the criminal justice system from point of apprehension through reentry into society of people who have been incarcerated.”  On October 20, Senate Republicans filibustered the reform, and the legislation was blocked. Senator Webb has responded: “We have been here before. We will keep fighting.”  See below for more information.

Senator Webb’s Press Release (October 20)

Senator Webb’s Senate Testimony (November 1)

Washington Post Editorial Response (October 29)

New York Times Editorial Response (October 29)

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